About me

I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark, under the supervision of Ivan Damgaard. Before joining Aarhus as a Postdoc, I was a Postdoc at Bar Ilan University, Israel, working under the supervision of Yehuda Lindell and Benny Pinkas. I obtained my PhD at the Computer Science Department of Aarhus University under the supervision of Ivan Damgård and Jesper Buus Nielsen (2013-2016).

Research visits

From June 2016 until August 2016 I visited NTT Research Labs in Tokyo.
From June 2015 until December 2015 I visited the Crypto group at Bristol University.
From March 2014 until July 2014 I visited Alon Rosen at IDC Herzliya.

I obtained my Diploma in Computer Science at the University of Potsdam in 2013. During my studies in Potsdam I also went to ETH Zurich for a student exchange and did an internship at Ivan's group here in Aarhus. Furthermore, I worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Potsdam and as a software engineer for Holidaycheck, Hasso Plattner Institute and Giata mbH.

Research interests

My main focus is on the application of homomorphic cryptosystems in the context of secure function evaluation: Secure two-party and multiparty computation can benefit a lot from the use of cryptographic primitives, mainly to precompute data that speeds up the actual computations.

I am also interested a into (fully) homomorphic encryption schemes (especially those based on lattices), and how to make those schemes more practical, as well as applications of machine learning to cyber security.